Local artist, Jonathan Ash’s painting style has been described as “bright and bold”, “edgy” and “a revelatory and outstanding body” (the last comment is about his art work rather than his chisel-sharp physique, apparently). His unique use of colour stems from his lifelong colourblindness; in the majority of his paintings, colour is used to represent brightness and contrast rather than be realistic (his artworks are hand painted originals, not screen prints nor digitally altered). His university study, and subsequent love, of Marcel Duchamp’s work has led to a slightly subversive and humorous presence in many of his works. His 2018 exhibition, “From Medway To Medway and Back” drew from his Medway roots and journey through many careers, countries and therapies and his 2019 exhibition, “Mammals” draws together humans as animals and vice versa. He has commissions in  private collections around the world and is always up for a new challenge. It also keeps him out of trouble.

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