Russell Taylor has lived in Medway since moving from London at the age of 16 in 1986. In 1986 he started working locally. Relatively new to photography as a serious hobby. “I came back from holiday in Cornwall with some sunset pictures taken with a standard compact digital camera, that people commented on, and I enjoyed the reaction”. However, when he tried to start photographing his other love, wildlife, he soon realised his cameras limitations. “Great photos can be taken with any camera, but your chances of success are improved with more specialist equipment. I treated myself to an entry level SLR camera around 2011, nothing expensive (far cheaper than an Iphone!) and I took Bats of Rochester with it…” He currently lives in Gillingham with his partner Mandy, and believes that many people just don’t realise what wildlife visits, or can be attracted to the basic urban garden…”whilst visiting my mum once, sitting in her garden she moaned that nothing visited her garden…strangely just at that moment I spotted a Hummingbird Hawkmoth!!”. “Mandy and I made a decision to try and do as much as possible to attract as much wildlife into our garden, fro native plants and bushes, letting the corners go a bit wild, adding a small pond… Its centainly worked”. He enjoys trying to capture the characters that live literally next door in your garden…”yes, watching a documentary about animals in some far off land can be interesting, but whilst you’re watching that, just feet away from you the same trials of life are being acted out in your garden…”