Peter studied fine art at Medway College of Art from 1964-1968.

He was a professional portrait  painter until he felt he needed to broaden his experiences and knowledge of life.  So he put down his brushes, climbed up and down pylons as a linesman, worked for the Port of  London Authority (PLA) and for the Department of Trade and Industry.  While with the PLA,  Peter managed Tilbury Dock’s centennial celebrations, creating  murals  for them, still to be  seen in the Booking Hall.  He left the “white collar” world  in 2006, his experiences helping him  view the world from a more explorative and mature perspective which is reflected in the paintings he now creates. 

He is inspired by all that is around him, where he lives, places he  has visited, his passion being people, both past and present,  he is actively involved in  community, environmental and heritage projects, both as an artist and a campaigner.  In the Gallery, you will see a rendition of Rochester Castle which Peter purposely painted, in the rain, to highlight it’s plight.  Other works include, his visual “blog” of the wanton  demolition of the Aveling and Porter building; Quadriptych of  Destruction .  

Peter is very active in his community in Rochester,  he is supportive of local businesses and is  often a “voice” against injustices.  He is very much part of the thriving Rochester  and Chatham artistic / creative community, lending  unerring support, advice and practical help to his fellow creatives and through his encouragement, many a budding artist / painter, have been able to realise their untapped potential. Apart from 1 -2- 1 tuition workshops, Peter  has also given  his time to run painting workshops for young adults with behavioural problems.  

You can read an interview with Peter, about his life and art, in an article by Katie Day