Edwina Jacques received a Master of Fine Arts in Mixed Media from the University of Michigan where she was a lecturer at the Residential College for 5 years before being awarded a Rackham Grant to study in the UK. Having been granted permanent residence, she eventually settled in Devon. Initially she devoted herself to the development of her work and to this end, became a member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen and The Southwest Academy of Fine Arts and Crafts. Working with a variety of media including sculpture, painting and mosaic, she is fascinated by the human form and in particular, the face that outwardly carries individual personality. Originally working with clay, she began working in polymer clay in 1990 enabling her to expand her creativity and in which she is a recongnised pioneer. For many years she has designed collections of jewellery for London based clothes designers.

EMAIL: artedwinajaques@hotmail.com

WEBSITE: www.edwinajaques.net