From a very young age, Tanya was raised within an artistic environment and has always been surrounded by creativity.  Inspired by the intensity and spirit of the colours of Asia, she aspires to accomplish a transcendental, ethereal experience within her abstract paintings. 


Completely self taught, Tanya prides herself in the detail and precision of the shapes created within her pieces. She works primarily with acrylics and pastels and more recently, has incorporated the use of 23.5 carat gold leaf not only in her paintings but also to highlight her unique initial ’T’ wax seal signature.


A move to the Isle of Wight in 2014 saw her solo Inaugural Exhibition entitled “Road to Chiarezza” in August 2015,  followed by her second exhibition, a collaboration, entitled “Mission Art Possible” in November 2015, Tanya returned to Kent in March 2016, where her third exhibition entitled ‘8’ was shown at the What…If? Gallery, Dartford in July of that year. 


Tanya was born in Kent and resides in Medway and is actively involved with community projects, the most recent as lead artist for the Silk River UK 2017 project, helping to create the Dartford Silk Banner celebrating India's 70th anniversary of independence.


INSTAGRAM: @ts_aart

TWITTER: @ts_aart

FACEBOOK: @tanyaoutenartist