I create hand thrown forms which are carved and altered before glazing.  I take inspiration from natural forms such as flowers and lizards. Dahlias are a particular source of inspiration for me, as they represent elegance and beauty in the Victorian language of flowers.I have become increasingly interested in geometric patterns, as the tessellation of shapes fascinates me. My platters incorporate geometric patterns and natural forms, in an abstract style. 

I began my ceramics career in Wolverhampton, where I studied for a BAHons, then an MA in Ceramics. The next step in my journey was to work for Peter Beard. Following this I moved to Devon to work for Penny Simpson for 3 months. I then spent a year at the Leach Pottery, in St Ives. Where I made the standardware range for the Leach which is sold worldwide.  My time at the Leach was funded by the charity Adopt a Potter, who support emerging potters in their education. I then worked at the Leach Pottery as part of the production team, until February 2016, when I moved to Chatham, Kent, to set up my own studio at Nucleus Arts Centre.