“I was born in 1964. I am an instructor of theater. Twenty years I worked in the Cultural Center of Art in Poland. Since 2007, I am an immigrant in the UK. In my work I use the possibilities offered by the paper, fabric and wool.

“Life is a theatre as poets say.

We seek, we err … without a map or scenario. Spiritual paths, relationships between people, hundreds of prescriptions for life. We lose and find ourselves in all of this. 

In my paintings women dance and sing with angels. An angel – a clear icon of the untouchable, invisible yet perceptible. Women meet and try to find themselves in this multiplicity. I hope that looking at their efforts makes the one smile and gives them hope.

Dolls have been a mystery for the thousands of years. Do we create effigies of people to see ourselves in them? Why isn’t it enough to be in touch with others? I don’t know. I only know that moved people of all ages reach out to the dolls.

Writing turned people’s lives upside down and placed them in a completely different spot. Writing is a silence in which feelings, so often voiceless in the world of speech, whisper and scream silently. Designing the cards, I actually build the boats to pass the information across the oceans of our awkwardness when we want to say something so much but we can’t, not even knowing why.” Iwona Hordek

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