Born Wrong

“A Visual Lobotomy”

An exhibition by Nigel Adams and Ashley Reaks


2nd May - 8th May  2019

Private View 2nd May 6-8PM


(Exhibition closes at 1pm on Wednesday 8th May 2019)

Nigel Adams Artist Bio

Nigel Adams was born in London in 1966 and is a self-taught multi-media artist, diagnosed with an autism spectrum condition. His eclectic and personal body of work explores multiple themes of mental divergence, humanity, ideology, philosophy, humour, identity, power, society, relationships, psychology and more.

His line drawing style originated from his love of superhero comic books, newspaper cartoons and book illustration. He copied these for many years stylistically so he could learn about line work. He did the same with colour illustration and fine art, then comedy, poetry, film making and physical performance. He continues to explore and map different creative methodologies, experimenting constantly, taking what appears useful and abandoning the rest.

Although Nigel's work is difficult to categorise and embraces a wide variety of mediums, there are consistent threads and themes of identity, humanity and the desire to connect with others running through it.

Nigel held his first solo exhibition, "Hysterical Fabrications" at Nucleus Art Centre's Halpern Gallery in Chatham in 2010 and has sold work internationally.

Nigel illustrated and published Disposable Shaman, his first collection of writing, in 2016. He continues to write most days and is currently working on a book about his life.

Ashley Reaks Artist Bio

I'm a London-based collage artist and genre-hopping musician.

I was inspired to create by the DIY ethos of punk and was as fascinated by the record sleeves as I was by the music, especially Gee Vaucher’s work for Crass, the apocalyptical and political images of The Pop Group, and later Nick Blinko’s obsessive art for Rudimentary Peni. I formed my first band when I was 12, appropriately called ‘No Reality’, and got an admirable 0% in my art exam the same year for ignoring the set questions and tracing the cover of the first Ruts album instead!

Themes of power and powerlessness, protest, abuse, paranoia, violence, humiliation and claustrophobia are ever-present in my work, though I don’t plan it that way.

I’ve exhibited in Berlin, Detroit and Valencia as well as across the UK. I’ve also been commissioned to do record sleeves, book sleeves and my work was the cover of an issue of the Big Issue about outsider art.

One reviewer described my work as ‘Hieronymus Bosch for the dole generation’. Disability Arts said ‘Sometimes shocking and painfully honest, Ashley Reaks’ work expresses a violent sense of humour’.