A Rivermead Inclusive Trust Project.


18th - 24th April  2019

Private View 18th April 6-8PM


(Exhibition closes at 1pm on Wednesday 24th April 2019)

We are each individuals who slot together to form a strong community.

This is a stand-alone art project aimed at unifying all areas of the Medway community.

Rivermead Inclusive Trust, (working with local schools, residential care homes, charities, youth groups,  Youth offender groups, the general public and any other members of the Medway community who wish to take part), are aiming to create a one-off piece of installation art which will not only reflect the diversity of the Medway Towns, but will also raise money for LOCAL charities and schools. 

We are aiming to create a 15000 piece puzzle.  It will have no edges so that, like the community, it can continue to grow and welcome people/pieces in. 

Each person who chooses to take part will pay £1.  In exchange they will be given a 6cm x 6cm jigsaw piece to decorate .  The decoration should be reflective their personality.  This could take the form of images of things that matter to them, a self-portrait, or even just a block of colour that is important to them.