I studied A level art at school but it has only ever been something I have done as a hobby up until my first son was born 3.5 years ago. I needed an income but could not afford , nor was I keen to put him in child care so I decided to make my passion for art, my job and registered as a self employed artist. I already had quite a large portfolio of pet portrait commissions I had done for family and friends and quickly gathered a list of people waiting for portraits. Mostly initially in chalk pastel or pencil. but overtime I was getting more and more requests for larger acrylic paintings which I really enjoy. I decided while I was pregnant to try and Persue my dream of getting my work out there and focusing more and more on the larger canvas' that are non commissioned. I love having free rein on those to paint how I like to paint! I really love seeing my work up on the wall in the gallery as it has long been a dream of mine. My work in Rochester is a mix of my chalk pastel animal portrait roots and my acrylic paintings that I'm really enjoying at the moment.