Art Inclusive is an exciting programme that encourages people at risk of social isolation to take up motivational and creative art workshops. 
Hundreds of people benefit from the variety of workshops we organise including older people living with dementia, ex-offenders, young carers, older people that experience empty-nest syndrome, people who experience mental health challenges and people with varying levels of disabilities (seen and unseen).  
We use art and creativity as a tool to increase people's well-being and to bring people closer together within their communities.
If you would like to know more about how Art Inclusive can help you, or your organisation, please get in touch!

Talent Match  

Creative Industry Programme

In Collaboration With Prince's Trust

Nucleus Arts are working in collaboration with Talent Match to run 4 creative industry programmes from 2016-2017 that help young people who are not currently employed. The programme includes the subjects: "Making Music", "Music Industry", "Gaming Industry" and "Street Art".

During October - December 2016 Talent Match and Nucleus Arts supported 5 young people in Medway who were not in work to complete a "Making Music" programme. The group worked with singer Jamie Johnson, at Riverside One Studios in Chatham, to create a track within 6 weeks. We asked them some questions about their experience.


Originally funded by Medway Council, Young At Art is a free creative workshop, for people over 55, that happens on the last Wednesday of every month, from 10am-12pm. Every workshop is different so that the group can develop their skills and meet new local artists every month. You can book via our workshops page or by phone.

Workshops for young home educated people

We work with local families who home educate their children and deliver creative workshops to them, inspired by various art mediums.


Nucleus Arts are a registered Arts Award centre and have 2 in house advisors, Natasha Steer and Charlotte Ralph.

Monthly creative workshops at Medway Youth Trust

Every month resident artist Natasha Boardman-Steer delivers a creative workshop at Medway Youth Trust to local young people aged 16-25 who face various difficulties.


We provide our space "HeArt Of The Community" for free to Club AUsome, which meets every fortnight and supports children on the autistic spectrum and their parents. Find out more via their Facebook group at

Dementia Action Alliance

We are part of the Medway and KCC Dementia Action Alliance. We have made a plan to make our main site and workshops dementia friendly as well as applying for funding to deliver creative workshops to people with the various types of dementia. So far we have delivered a 6 week workshop with Rochester Literature Festival to Platters Farm Day Centre. Find out more at

Employability Points and Experiences

A Partnership with The University Of Kent

Nucleus Arts offer work experience and training to students from the University of Kent, as part of the universities 'Employability Points' scheme.


Neelam Saredia, School of English student

'Overall, it was extremely beneficial to undertake work experience with Nucleus Arts. Not did it provide a wealth of knowledge and useful experience which I can now apply for a variety of future roles, but it was a constant stimulus for creativity. It is hard not to be inspired by all the art around you! In turn, this has made a positive impact on my Masters in Creative Writing as I am now incorporating photography in my poetry project. 

During this time I worked as administrator and events management and support. The tasks were always varied and never dull. It stretched from organising the office in terms of paperwork and phone calls, to both organising and performing poetry in the arts festival. I also attended exhibitions, met the studio artists, undertook risk assessments and fire safety checks, and supervised an office move. I even managed to talk to Channel 4 about securing a partnership between Nucleus and James Rhodes' organisation 'Don't Stop the Music'.

I was privy to the workings of a business (and charity) under the care of nurturing staff. However I was also trusted with several large and complex tasks which challenged my initiative. Yet on completing those tasks, I was left with a sense of accomplishment and confidence. 

I am also very happy to say that my performance during this work experience has lead to a generous, Nucleus-funded internship where I hold the title of administrator and management support. 

Skills learnt: improved verbal and written communication,  initiative, improved understanding of the finance of a business (i.e. with bookings, budget for festivals and debt chasing for studio rent), creativity, time management, professionalism and negotiation.'

Nucleus Arts was established in 2002 to provide affordable studio and exhibition space for artists, and to promote easy accessibility of the Arts to the public; to break down the barriers and perception of exclusivity of the Arts and to enable the public to interact with the Arts in Medway and Kent.  We currently have artist studios, a large gallery, a conference room, workshop studio, and cafe gallery at our main centre in Chatham. In Rochester we also have a gallery shop. We promote all types of art including (but by no means exclusively) painting, sculpture, music, drama, film, creative writing, photography and ceramics.

A total of well over 400 artists have benefited from Nucleus Arts services and thousands of people have visited the galleries and enjoyed the results of our facilities.

Given the quality and breadth of the work of Nucleus Arts, which is a not for profit arts organisation, it is surprising to see how few staff are employed. With only 3 full time staff, 5 part time and 40 volunteers to cover our three locations, Nucleus Arts is managed by a board of 10 Trustees from its parent charity, the Halpern Charitable Foundation (CN1096478).


Nucleus Arts generates funds to cover all running costs from the income raised from studio, conference room, workshop room and gallery hire.  

Nucleus Arts has the largest arts community in Kent as well as extensive studio and gallery resources to support the workshops we run. 

To see some of the organisations we already work with, please visit our 'Proud To Work With' page.

We are always open to new collaborations and take pride in continually improving the way we run our programmes. Please contact us if you would like to know more.